About Magrath High School

Principles and Beliefs

Magrath High School has adopted principles for a learning environment that are learner centered, collaborative, responsive, innovative, equitable, and accountability based.

Magrath High School believes:

  • That the student is the major focus and consideration in all-educational decisions.
  • That education must take place in an environment that is safe and secure, motivating and encouraging, and responsive to the needs and concerns of all partners.
  • That all students have different gifts and talents, which must be addressed individually.
  • That teachers are responsible to be trained and knowledgeable with regard to curriculum and that they are competent in their delivery and classroom management.
  • That parents, together with their students, will ensure that students function as responsible learners; showing diligence in their studies, attending regularly, complying with the rules of the school and conducting themselves in a co-operative, respectful manner.


Empowering Potential:

"Working together to develop the potential in each student"

Mission Statement

Dedicated To Excellence In Learning


The Magrath High School serves students from Magrath, Del Bonita, Spring Coulee, Welling, the Blood Reserve and surrounding areas. Our school population presently sits at approximately 300 students, equally split between the Junior and Senior High Schools. The Magrath High School has a teaching staff of 19 teachers with a librarian, librarian technician and 7 educational assistants. Its support staff consists of 1.5 full time equivalent secretarial staff, 5 full time equivalent custodial staff.

The physical plant is one of the largest in the division and has some excellent learning stations. Our music room, gymnasiums, and labs are some of the best in the province. We will have two complete stationary computer labs comprised of a total of 60 computers and we will be adding one mobile computer lab. Each classroom has at least one computer, which is networked to a common server. All of the classrooms excepting for the shop, foods lab, and the gym will also have access to a projector and smartboard.

Magrath High School represents itself very well in extra-curricular pursuits. Despite its size, the school competes in competitions with schools ten times its enrollment and enjoys success doing so. In the last few years the school has won provincial titles in 4A Boys Basketball, 3A Girls Basketball twice, Tier Two Baseball four times, and Girls Golf.

Bell Times

Warning Bell - Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m.

Monday to Thursday Schedule

Period 1          

8:35 - 9:38

Period 2

9:42 - 10:45

Period 3

10:49 - 11:52

Period 4

12:42 - 1:45


1:45 - 2:25

Period 5

2:25 - 3:28


  • Lunch Break - 11:52 - 12:42

Friday Schedule

Period 1

8:35 - 9:23

Period 2

9:27 - 10:15

Period 3

10:19 - 11:07

Period 4

11:11 - 11:59

2014/2015 Divisional Calendar  http://www.magrathhigh.ca/docs/library/2014-2015 Calendar .pdf